OK… back to Headphones, DAC and Amp

Guys and Gals,

We’ve seen the light… The Lavry –> Beyer A1 Amp –> Beyer DT990. AWESOME !!!


~ by jaben on June 18, 2007.

11 Responses to “OK… back to Headphones, DAC and Amp”

  1. Have you got any pictures any where of them please?

    Jaben: I’ve been delaying putting pictures on the blog… OK… I’ll give it a bash tomorrow…

  2. Arrrggghhhhhh…. no more.. no more temptations..

    Jaben: My friend !, there are goodies arriving in a couple of days… hehehe… what would life be if your dear uncle isn’t here… hehehe

  3. I agree that pictures of some of the stuff would be a great thing. Especially those of us of a curious nature.
    Jaben: More work for me… no rest for the weary… Gee, did that sound poetic?

  4. The Beyer A1 amp… I still can’t get my mind off the Millet tube amp…

    Jaben: Yeap, what would life be without a tube amp.

  5. Cheers Uncle Wilson!!

    Pretty pictures make me buy things LOL

  6. how about this for a picture?

    Jaben: You’re Da Man 🙂

  7. how much this ganna run me.. me loves mi DT 990 05’s baby yeeeeaaaaahhH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaben: The Beyer A1, mmmm… I will email you.

  8. Heres a decent one http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/426/frontrh4.jpg

  9. and the back…………. http://img480.imageshack.us/img480/6229/rearqh0.jpg

  10. thats it.. i am gonna dig my head into the belachans-salted fish-porridge thread, and stay far far away from JAben for the next few days. BTW Wilson, is it up for audition?

    Jaben: You cannot audition after you have eaten or buried your head into that stinky stuff. I’m gonna get a sniffer dog before you touch the stuff. 🙂 , Yes it is up and running…

  11. Is it for portable usage ?

    Jaben: With extreme difficulty. These are desk-bound units. The portables are in another world of its own. Still, you should come down and try.

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