Machiavelli, Saint-Exupéry and the Prince…

When I was a young adult, I went looking for the book The Prince by Machiavelli. The bookshop that I frequented was managed by “Gosh, what’s his name…”, got it… Michael Goh. So in I went.. and “Hi Michael, have you got The Prince by Machiavelli? “. Well the long and short of it is, he gave me “The Little Prince”. It changed my life. BTW, I have a French banknote with the Little Prince.


~ by jaben on June 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “Machiavelli, Saint-Exupéry and the Prince…”

  1. I cried reading The Little Prince. There’s just something magical about it.

  2. What a disparate difference.

    Jaben: It is… and I never had the urge to even look for that classic Prince even up till today.

  3. Its a great book. I read it in primary school and still find the same enjoyment reading it today. I’d like to think that I understand it more now that I’m older.

    Jaben: That’s the funny thing… the older you are, the easier to understand… I use to buy lots of them to give away. At that time the popular book was Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which I never did like. I thought it paled in comparison.

  4. I prefer “Il Principi” by Machiavelli myself 🙂 You need to read that if you want to survive in the corporate jungle. I read “Le petit prince” in highschool for my French exam because it was easy to read.

  5. By the way, anyone who wants to read “Il Principe” can find it on,M1

  6. oh. i heard of that book, but didnt have the chance to read it. heard it’s a good book, and it’s quite meaningful, that’s if i didnt mix up book titles.

    Jaben: Read it… your life will change…

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