Jack Russell looking for a home…

Hi Everyone,

A good friend of mine is looking for a home for his Jack Russell… email me for details. Please use subject line as ” I want that Russell… ”

Thanks, and I assure you your life will be different…


~ by jaben on June 17, 2007.

One Response to “Jack Russell looking for a home…”

  1. Hi Wilson, just want to drop a note that Dolly has found a new home! Thanks for your help.
    As my parents are no longer in good health condition to take care of Dolly, they have decided to find Dolly a new home.
    On Thursday morning, she was sent to the pet’s authority hoping to find a new owner. Thankfully, Zee called that evening and my dad rushed down the very next morning to bail her out, before noon where she’ll be PTS…
    Hi Zee, if you happen to see this post, thank you so much for giving Dolly a new home, I’m sure she’ll give you joy and good companionship as she’s always been. P.S. She loves to play “Fetch”, throw her a ball and have fun.

    Jaben: 🙂 , I’m so glad we saved another life… Yay !!!, Hey Zee… Mucho Gracias… please drop by… there’s a little something from us to show our gratitude.

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