Email server down… If you have not got my replies…

Sob, sob… if anyone of you sent any emails… and if we did not reply, our apologies… the mail server went down.

Resend your emails…

Mucho Gracias


~ by jaben on June 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Email server down… If you have not got my replies…”

  1. Hmm..since when was it down?

    Jaben: For a little while today… most mails got thru, but we’re playing it safe, so the announcement… Ooops you asked me which genre right?… well here goes, Opera, Bluegrass, Folk… actually you name it… not the new fangled music though… drives me nuts. Though once upon a time…

  2. Ahh xxxxxx.. I sent like 3. I figured you were just annoyed by me 😦 actually, ya… but those weer all a couple days ago. Awww poor me.

    Jaben: My apologies Bud… please send them again… 😦 , oops… I had to “x” it… we have females and kids visiting…

  3. Server down? Wah this is bad. I hope me UE email reached u in the end. I know Wilson you will surprise me in the uncoming weeks with it. Your the best!

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