Bears, Beverly and sticky little girls…

I never thought I would like little girls. I’ve always perceived them as sticky little things that wanted attention all the time and I’ve always preferred little boys as one could swing them as high as one can and they will still say, “… higher…”

Then one day, quite a while back, my niece Beverly arrived into this word. She was a fat little chubby baby and like all little babies did best with what they do best… ‘nuff said.

She was about 6 months old when we all had dinner in a restaurant and I remember having to use my belt to strap her in to the high baby chair. I fed her some rice grains and she did the same to me… wow that was some revelation. That day onwards the bond started.

Fast forward, when she was 2 ½, her family was going away for a holiday and they had to buy luggage bags. At the store, she said, “… one for Uncle Wilson too…” Gee, whilst I was not there, when I heard it I was ever so impressed.

Between the ages 3 to 5, I find children at an age I like most. They will do the most outrageous things and I find it hard to be angry at them. There’s the innocence and spirit about them at that age. There’s little or no maliciousness and where little girls are concerned, they are so sticky. Gosh, even super glue aint’ nuthin.

Typically Beverly would come to my bedroom when I was asleep and she would bang away at the door and shout… “… get up …”. To placate her, I would let her into the room and ask her to lie down and let me sleep for a couple more minutes. Once I glanced at my watch and from the corner of my eye, I saw her sitting down, arms folded and in less than a minute she shouted at me and “… get up…” Ah well, my little mobile alarm clock.

So what’s with Bears… well obviously, children never pronounce their names properly and Bev became Bear. The road towards bear collection began. We would exchange bears and when the store opened, a couple of bears made their way to the store. The collection grew and now we have more than nnn bears.

She’s now quite a grown up lass and we still meet up whenever we can and we still have lots of fun.

Oh… I nearly forgot… quite a while back, her cellphone was confiscated… she was apparently texting like there was no tomorrow. I smuggled a cellphone to her, but <sigh> she got caught again…

More of my adventures with my sticky little niece someday…


To be continued…


~ by jaben on June 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Bears, Beverly and sticky little girls…”

  1. My niece is almost as old as me.

  2. I’ve got an Aunt that is like 5-6 yrs old now, and I’m 21…

  3. Not forgetting also to my lil girl who sucked on my ER6 thinking it was my stash of sweets. Luckily I wiped my the tips after every use if not she would have been sucking on waxy sweets hehehehehe …

    Jaben: Mmmm… but you Nivea’ed your ears right?

  4. Kids. Always sweet & cuddly when alone.
    When u pair them up, they become partners in crime, just like mine.

    Jaben: Yeah, juvenile crooks… 🙂 but that is what makes them so funny isn’t it… espacially little girls.

  5. Isn’t it nice to reminisce over the days spent with these little kids, someone close especially? My cousin reminds me of myself when I was a boy, baby boy.

    His favourite toys are cars and he uses them to wake us up, lol, much painful then the shouts by Beverly.

  6. my son is a little devil

    Jaben: That’s why little girls are nicer…

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