A.D. 19XX, New York… The Carter Hotel… Hagendaas

Finally wrapped up what I had to do in New Jersey, Parsipanny. I was to go to New York to meet someone and then from there make our way to Rochester. I looked through the papers and behold, there was this attractive looking hotel with a nice name and the rates was right. A couple of hours later I was there. Fortunately the drop-off for the car was just around the corner.

“… mmm, looks OK” . So in I went with my bags. I told them I had called earlier and here I am. I made my payment and I was given the key. Took the lift and there I was at my room. Touched the door… mmm… it rattles somewhat… ok, so I opened the door and Tada… urghhhh, this costs me $100 !!!

The door could not be locked from the inside… the latches did not work… yikes, what happens if someone broke in and clobbered me. Finally I used the chair and jammed it against the door knob. If anything I felt a bit safer.

Well time to recce the place. I got out of the hotel and wandered around… “hola”… 7-11 store. In I went. There was this ice-cream with a Danish name… Hagendaas. I picked up my favourite flavour “Coffee”, paid the money, walked out and start eating it. I WENT BACK 3 TIMES IN SUCCESSION buying the same ice cream and eating it, within the hour.

I’ve always wondered what ever happened to the Carter motel and a quick google shows that it is still around… in fact it is even listed in some Singapore hotel booking site. Anyways here’s a link to some of the reviews… http://travel.yahoo.com/p-reviews-6610906-prod-hotel-action-read-ratings_and_reviews-i

I hope this will not translate into an endorsement or please-avoid. I am relating this only because it was a rather exciting experience and if you are adventurous, then you might want to try it too.

Steve, who met me the next morning said, ” Get your bags and let’s get out of this place… you’re about the bravest person I know. I would never ever come here and I’ve lived in New York since I was a kid…” I’ve always wondered, whether that was correct…

The security guards at that time were sporting short water-pipes… and it was impossible to sleep. All that yelling… still, I think I would like to go back again once more.


~ by jaben on June 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “A.D. 19XX, New York… The Carter Hotel… Hagendaas”

  1. Maybe, just maybe, any bad guy around perceived you know enough karate to teach some kid to be a black belt champion. LOL.

    Anyway, No one in the right mind would want to come between me and a good ice cream like Hagendaas, especially love flavours like Coffee, Pistachio and Chocolate Chips with blueberry. Yummy.

  2. You brave, brave man. But Hagendaas is amazing, their chocolate chip cookie dough is to die for. Too bad its like 2x as expensive as the other brands of ice cream.

    Jaben: Nah, not brave, but when you’re broke and desperate and naive, one does crazy things… another day I will tell about Philipines… now that was foolhardy.

  3. You have to try the pineapple coconut icecream of theirs, that and their Bailey’s Irish Cream Ice Cream is my favorite. But yes, you’re brave to do that in NY.

    Jaben: Actually, crazy is probably the correct word… Pineapple… hah, you’ve just reminded me of a fantastic mayo I had in Rochester. In another thread…

  4. Actually the funny thing about Haagen Daz is that it doesn’t mean anything. When the ice cream was first being brought to market, it was felt that it was an upscale sounding name for their product. Just a funny random tidbit (something my brain is good for considering how much useless information it retains).

    Jaben: Thank you… nice to know.

  5. Ahhh New York, that has got to be my greatest holiday i have ever had. The thing that got me going into every Starbucks like you did for your ice cream was a strewberry frappuccino. I must have had 20 of them in 3 days!!!
    I have got to go to new york again 😦

    Jaben: So I ain’t crazy after all… 🙂

  6. ooops wrong smiley! i ment 🙂 lol

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