Edged Perfection… and a Native American

I’ve always been facinated with edged tools and I remember the first time I saw a beautiful folder… it was a Carl Schleiper. The truth is, I never outgrew it. So back to the future. I was in Orange County, California and I went to this huge shopping mall and I walked into this store that had rows and rows of knives. Well it was a kid in a candy store… I spent the whole day and went back there the next as well. So what’s with the Native American… well the lass that showed me the knives was a Sioux. Over the years she acted in some movies but I have since lost track of her. Jerri… if you are reading this post… yeah you!

Jerri was very dextrous and could flip the butterfly knife like you’ve never seen. I ended up buying all the knives I wanted… Loveless, Schneiders, Russell and a couple of folders.

Then the journey home… sigh, I found out that what I thought perfection did not exist. Our damp climate caused little specks of rust to appear on the knives… I have since encased the knives in wax.

Well so much for perfection… I have stopped looking for the perfect item.


~ by jaben on June 16, 2007.

One Response to “Edged Perfection… and a Native American”

  1. Relating to knives, there is a show on every weekend here on one of the home shopping stations, all they sell are large lots of knives. Bowie, butterflys, commerative knives, its 4 hours of redneck southerners selling wholesale lots of knives (some have only a few, others have upwards of a hundred different knives). This is quality TV.

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