Eating chocolates… Blackie and me

Fong, a valued friend dropped by with some dark chocolates. This reminds me of the phase how I ate chocolates. A chocolate expert, he was with W.R. Grace told me that chocolate is best eaten at body temperature. One was supposed to put it in the mouth and let it slowly melt. Now being the impatient me, I thought this was no good.

So here’s what I used to do. Wash my hands and then put the chocolate in the palm. Wrap my fingers around the choc and hold it until the chocolate melts. Lick it off my fingers. It’s really quite nice. My dog, Blackie, used to sit waiting for me and he would lick my fingers clean after that. Much later I found out that chocs are bad for dogs.

Blackie is no longer with us and I’m sure, All Dogs Go To Heaven. He was not a very big dog but I’ve never seen any dog that was as brave as this one. He would go after Dobermans…

BTW, that’s why eating chocs and taking a cold drink at the same time isn’t a good idea.


~ by jaben on June 16, 2007.

10 Responses to “Eating chocolates… Blackie and me”

  1. Dogs, chocs, grapes and nuts (humans excluded) don’t mix well unless you really hate your dog.

    Jaben: Not Blackie, he really liked chocs… funny guy… and he was a mongrel that followed my brother home. Gosh he smelt bad for a long time… washed him like crazy for a long time before he smelt good. Before Blackie came home, there was Happy… but that’s another story for another day.

  2. my cola (shitzu) LOVES lychee and mango! anything bad?

    Jaben: Wow, classy dog…

  3. Most pretty flowers are also poisonous to dogs. Foxglove and a bunch of other ones also. It’s only certain nuts that are bad for dogs too. Peanuts aren’t bad, my dog loves peanut butter and my old dog once ate a 3lb jug of Planter’s cocktail peanuts. Thats a funny story.

    Jaben: C’mon… Tell… 3lbs huh!

  4. Question Uncle:
    Whena are the details on a design a headphone stand contest going to be released?

    Jaben: It has been released… check the thread. 🙂

  5. Onions are bad for dogs too. I have to keep all those bad stuff away from my dog. He’ll eat anything that isn’t nailed down. Probably eat the nail too if it were.

  6. Hmm, thought nuts gives them constipation which can be pretty bad… Heard Panadol’s bad too.

  7. Haha… I will remember that the next time my dog complains of a headache.
    Actually, panadol’s not good for humans too.
    Jaben: The vet told me once, it is OK, just give him 1/4 of what humans consume…

  8. Oh dear, why’s panadol bad for people?

  9. side effects or something. most medicine do have side effects and stuff i think. just dont take too much of it. 🙂

  10. Well my dog ate around 3lbs of sugar coated cocktail peanuts while everyone was away. Since your body can only process so many peanuts at a time (digestion wise), he was in a bit of stomach pain for the next few days. The peanuts he was passing werent digested at all, we just had little piles of peanuts in our yard. It was like having a mini elephant roaming around the yard. He was a good dog though, passed last August out of the blue from cancer. Have a new dog now, but still miss him.

    Jaben: I’m sorry to hear about your dog… I’m darn certain All Dogs Go To Heaven… But here’s something of interest to you… the most expensive coffee is Kopi Luawk, aka Civet Coffee. At least we can now confirm that they do come out of the rear end as not everything is digested.

    Your dog also reminds me of Doggie, another dog we had… this one was with us for only 7 months and this female dog was so special. My mum was so sad for months… in a future segment, I’ll tell about this amazing dog.

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