Until the arrival next week of some goodies… the food thread goes on…

Way back whilst visiting Japan, I was taken to a Japanese restaurant. Frankly I don’t remember exactly where the location is. This was a sushi restaurant… but of all the things I was fed with, the one that I have to gulp down was raw chicken. You could hear the ka-plonk, or rather I was sure I did. That was some experience. What I did enjoy though was Japanese curry rice and the baked sweet potato… absolutely unforgetable.

Yeah, yeah… there are goodies coming in…


~ by jaben on June 15, 2007.

11 Responses to “Until the arrival next week of some goodies… the food thread goes on…”

  1. LOL you like your food i see? Probs been asked before but whats with all the food related blogs? lol
    Jaben: Actually the food is just simple peasant food and I think to a large extent eveyone likes to eat. I know someone dear who passed on. And I can see during that period before leaving how they want to eat something but just could not. Anyway now that we on this subject, there’s this very good writer; Lin Yu Tang, it would be very difficult to get any of his books, he wrote about the philosophy of many things, amongst them eating.
    An interesting person wrote to me the other day highlighting the tenure between food and headphones… I think I know the answer now. Both are philosophical…

    Error Correction: It should have been Lin Yu Tang… I have made the correction.

  2. Hey, my dad gave me one of his books! Still got it around here somewhere…

  3. Found it! ‘With Love and Irony’ A collection of short writings, published 1934. Interested, uncle? Or have you read it already?

    Jaben: Yo buddy 🙂 , bring … !!! It’s been some time and I don’t remember this one.

  4. Next time I go down then!

    Jaben: … with the book… pretty please… btw, can someone enlighten me with this phrase. It seems that whenever I ask some females to say pretty please, they get upset with me… why?

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend. Thats sounds a very strange book :D. At least your food blogs make a little sense now! I have got to say that you have become extremely popular at dapreview.com for you friendly nature and great products. This is mainly due to DAV (AKA Daharder). Ill echo the feeling at the website of “i wish there was more places like this”. Have a good day!

    Jaben: Thanks, Mat… if you ever drop by and never say never… the gang will be here. It’s a really fun group. DAV, if you’re reading this… thanks. 🙂

  6. Also the cook books was written by Lin Yu Tangs’ wife! Mr. Lin Yu Tang was an inventor and a writter! Who was nominated for the nobel prize in literature! I knew i had heard the name before!

    Jaben: Yes… I learnt how to appreciate crabs, cabbages and chicken after reading his book. What fascinated me then was, there was this oriental who wrote impeccable English and with his wide range of subjects… I still am impressed.

  7. Haha I think ill have to say i’ll never be going to Singapore, but if I ever do I think I will defiantly have to come in on one of those Friday party nights you throw!!

    Jaben: Never say never…

  8. Would never say never qualify as an oxymoron?

    Jaben: Hey, that’s profound… simple English please !

  9. hahah another example you will like of a oxymoron is “Jumbo shrimp”
    Oxymoron is a figure of speech containing an contradiction.

    Jaben: Thanks Mate !

  10. My favorites are “Moses is a greatly humble man” and “military intelligence” 😛

  11. Hi!
    My name is Tomas!

    Jaben: Hi Tomas, welcome… 🙂

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