Potato Chips, Tabasco, Boonton and New York

Some years ago, I stayed for a short while in Parsipanny. I had to drive into NY and somehow I got lost and landed in a small town called Boonton. It had the best potato chips and subsequently I went back there a couple of times to buy it. I could not find it anywhere else so I think it was a very very local brand. What was different was the chips/crisps was thin and it was dusted with some fine chilli powder. It was the absolute chip I’ve ever had and the memory lingers.

BTW, it was in Parsipanny that I discovered this thing called Tabasco and at that time it was not possible to get it in Singapore. Needless to say, the first time I tried Tabasco, I did not like it until I found out that it went well with Tomato soup… so guys now you know why.

New York… ah the city that I love besides Paris. So I had to drive in from Parsipanny… after I finished what I had to do in new York, I started my drive back to Parsipanny. For the life of me, I just could not find the right exit. So after a few tries I spotted a traffic cop. I waved him down and ask for directions… well this fine fella did more than that… he said “Follow me…” he turned on his siren and lead me to the exit… Gee, that was fun. In another post, I would not know when, I’ll tell about the time I was caught speeding in Chicago…


~ by jaben on June 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Potato Chips, Tabasco, Boonton and New York”

  1. My firm favourite potato chip is the Kettle Chips Honey Dijon. Other brands or flavours have yet to replace it in my heart. Sea salt and vinegar is another good one, though at times a tad too strong, followed by Kettle lightly salted when I feel like savoring the potato flavor of each chip slowly. Only the Kettle Chips brand retains that particular flavor. The other brands like lays or ruffles are all too salty and you can’t taste the potato.

  2. Hmmm Boonton eh? Do you know specifically what brand chip it was? I live about 10 minutes away from Boonton (in northern New Jersey, I have been to Boonton and Parsipanny many times in fact). I am personally curious about what kind of chip it was. Plus if you would like, maybe it would be possible to arrange some sort of shipment of said potato chip in the future.

    Jaben: Hi Gary, all I remember was, the back of the potato bag, there was this story about how this potato chips came around. It had something to do a Red Indian cook who was told that his chips was no good. So he decided to make the thinnest potato chip and yadda, yadda… I also remember it had a fine chilli dust on each chip. I would love to have shipment sent here. BTW, there’s a gift in the mail for you. Expect it in 10 days or more.

  3. Do you need an address? If so let me know.

    Jaben: Yes, email me…

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