My Favourite Meal[s]…

It’s absolutely peasant…

A. Two sunny eggs, spinkled with sea salt just as it is about ready… a couple of scoops of short-grain rice… Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Australian/US … so long as it is slightly sticky.

A sprinkling of fine pepper, a dollop of Tabasco on the egg and it’s now ready to eat. Start with the whites… and a bit of rice and when the whites finished, scoop the yolk on top of the rice and then pierce the yolk. Let the yolk seep into the rice. Scoop the rice and shovel it in.

Voila’ , peasant food fit for a king.

B. Thanks Russ… this is also another of my favourite

Rice + belachan + salted fish

C. Here’s another that I had when I was a kid… those were grim days.

Cold rice, hot water and salted eggs… Truth is, I really enjoyed it… I still like cold rice straight out of the fridge.


~ by jaben on June 14, 2007.

14 Responses to “My Favourite Meal[s]…”

  1. Must-have food items: sunny side-up eggs, tabasco sauce and pepper 😉

  2. Shoud have joined you for dinner. Had to settle for a marmite and kimchi sandwich. Quite satisfying actually 🙂

    Jaben: You should have… I had Bulgogi beef with Korean porridge (They make it specially for me !)

  3. … you forgotten the belachans+salted fish.. 😉

    Jaben: No, I did not… that is another meal in itself. The belachan and salted fish with rice is another of my favourite simple meal but the sunny egg will be masked over by either of these components.

  4. Wow.. *drooling*

  5. 1.5 dessert spoons of Vegemite + 500ml of hot water + a dash of Thai chilli powder + a teaspoon of Tabasco = good soup.

    Ready to serve within a minute.

    And yes, I drink this soup occasionally when I don’t have time to cook a meal.

  6. Ahh yes, good man with the sea salt. This stuff is great
    also, I really enjoy the hawaiian red salt. 🙂

    Jaben: You ‘da man !!!

  7. Wow you eat really little…just TWO eggs and some grains for a MEAL??

    Jaben: Err… there’s dessert and supper and tidbits, no?

  8. Wash down everything with a gin tonic. Made with Bombay of course…

    Jaben: Mmmm… I’ll give it a shot… sounds like a good one.

  9. Yea, something crisp, light and invigorating after all the heavy flavours…

  10. For some reason, I absolutely hate hating runny yolks seeping into my rice. A personal peeve.
    I love kimchi! Got introduced to korean food by one of my dad’s korean tenants who operates a restaurant. It was a bit weird at first, but I grew to love the dozen or so side-dishes they serve with the main course, kimchi being one of them. Also got hooked on a healthy rice dish, dol sot bibimbab. The food court version here, though good, cannot compare to an authentic korean one.
    The hotplate beef set sold in the local food courts is also a good dish, thanks uncle for introducing me to it! (though they’re usually quite stingy with the kimchi.)

    Jaben: Tell them you are my brother, they’ll do something for you… and BTW, come early one of these nights, I will get them to make porridge for us. Goes well with the hotplate beef (Bulgogi)

  11. 2 fried eggs, dark soy sauce, the olive oil used to fry the eggs to a crisp but still has a runny yolk, and plain white rice. Makes my day any time I miss home and it’s simple.

    Jaben: Sounds good… I like the idea of frying the egg in olive oil, though I’ve yet to try it.

  12. Fry the egg in lots of butter, like a quarter block. Heat the butter then slide in the egg and splash the butter over the top of the sunny-side up to cook the top. Use a spatula to remove the egg then soak up the butter with a few slices of bread. Note, this is not a recommended diet regime! Alternatively, fry bacon in butter, fry eggs in fat, fry bread in drippings, make a sandwich, eat, burp, go back to bed thereafter…

    Jaben: Yeah, this is nice… I have a variation… I fry the bacon first… then the eggs… the bacon flavoured oil makes the egg special… though some people might balk at the “ugly” egg with all the little bacon flakes.

  13. Mmmm… bacon… butter… eggs… drippings… (Homer Simpson drool)

  14. Anyone for some biscuits and gravy? Haven’t made a batch in about a year or so… Start with heating up butter, mash in skinless saugages, mix about 2 Tbl sp of floor into the grease then 1/2 cup of milk for the sausage gravy. Mix self raising floor with butter and a little salt till it becomes granular, like rice then shape and bake until golden brown. Eat with gravy or glaze it for dessert. Gosh, I really miss the midwestern diet!

    Jaben: I miss the cheeses… Ah Wisconsin…

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