Friday is here again… 15th June…

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow is Friday…

See you all here, The Jaben Team


~ by jaben on June 14, 2007.

9 Responses to “Friday is here again… 15th June…”

  1. I got an exam on saturday morning, sad, cant go… Anyways, look on the bright side, there will be more food for the others.
    ps, and don’t open the tokaji!

    Jaben: Mmmm… I will open it…

  2. What’s on the lucky draw list? *drools*

    Jaben: Yeah… drool and salivate…

  3. are u really gonna open the tokaji??? then i will be down tmr!! haha! btw, are the bi-flanges in yet? im hoping to get a pair to improve the seal of my earphones. btw, how can i help for tmr’s party?

    Jaben: Tokaji… did I say tomorrow… hehehehe (evil laughter)… Bi-flanges not yet. Come earlier and report to David, he will give you instructions.

  4. I can’t tell you how much I wish I lived close enough to participate in these Friday gatherings. Sadly I live in a part of the US where no small headphones stores even exist anymore. It is all brick and mortar stores now which are unpersonable and have no selection. Too bad you can’t open a branch in the US, I know many a person (myself included) who would love to take part in your hang outs. Enjoy your wonderful headphones related party!

  5. Wow, nearing 22000 hits. Cool.

    Yup, we are real glad to have Jaben here to constantly motivate us to earn money to invest in good audio gear and to be happier (with each subsequent upgrade). Not forgetting the friendliness and great service one can expect from this cosy little shop.

    Hey, I saw a photo of Wilson on a headfi thread with a happy young customer, believed to be from the states. The dad asked him to get the mylarone X3s. So Gary, you could just come by someday.

    I should be coming for my first party, yay.

  6. i’m the one with my um1 still under repair, and haven been to any gatherings, cos had dinner last week (actually i remembered wrongly, it’s driving lessons) and dinner this friday (really dinner this time)… (if u remember me that is, the one who popped in last saturday to ask about my UM1 status)
    To the rest, enjoy! i’ll try to make it one fine friday!

    Jaben: Hey guys… this chap is a real gentleman…

  7. Believe me my friends, if life ever brings me to the Singapore area, it would be an honor to visit the Jaben shop, this I promise you. Otherwise I don’t think I have the means to just skip over there for a weekend, sadly. We will see what is in the cards for me however.

    Jaben: We are waiting… 🙂

  8. Damn… I live on the other side of the world.. Would love to come drink whiskey and talk foods and phones. Maybe another Friday.. hehe

  9. man, couldn’t go down today as i have other stuff to attend to, i’m the student who bought a set mylarone x3 from you few days back (was wearing a black plain t-shirt)… i’m enjoying it right now… after i did some burning-in, the sound quality is above than what i expected, its really a good earphone for that price range…
    by the way, i’ve two questions :
    1. is there a party every friday night?
    2. how long is the warranty for the mylarone x3? and should i have a problem with it, should i bring it back directly to jaben?
    Jaben: A. Yes, every Friday night and lucky draws every Friday too.
    B. Warranty: If you chew on the wires – No. If your dog chews it – No. If you fight with your girl and it’s broken – No
    It’s for manufacturing defects. Wear and Tear and abuse is also a “No” but we do make exceptions.
    And finally, yes, you bring it back to us.

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