Chilli Trivia

Do you know that cable manufacturers mix chilli powder into the rubber shielding to prevent rats from gnawing cables… seems like they hate chilli.

Addition #1: What happens if you touch Chilli and then your eyes… it’s going to sting like the blazes, right? So, what’s the best thing to do?

Well here’s the answer. It’s salt and you use it this way. Pop it in your mouth and suck on it. The stinging sensation in your eye disappears in less than a minute. Hard to believe… try if you’re ever caught in this situation.


~ by jaben on June 13, 2007.

17 Responses to “Chilli Trivia”

  1. Nope.. Didn’t know.

  2. wow. interesting.

  3. Where did you hear that?

    Jaben: A long time ago… in another life…

  4. Sounds a bit crazy to me. There have to be more high tech ways than that. A Jaben joke maybe?

    Jaben: , hey I’m as serious as serious can be… 😦

  5. its anti bacterial too! though cinnamon is better at this.

    oh btw wouldn’t that make the rubber shielding bit more fragile and crack easier?

  6. But curious….my old pet mice love to bite cables…and climb them too….then again they are quite choosey about food…
    Jaben: I am referring to the large cables they use underground.

  7. interesting…

  8. Cry it out using your tears to wash away the sting?
    But normally if something like this happens to me, I would just rush to the tap and wash it lol!

    Jaben: Nah, there’s a better way…

  9. well.. i know that drinking milk helps to soothe the burning sensation of chilli in the mouth. will it help if we wash the eyes with milk too?? hmmm… maybe i should pull a prank and someone to experiment this out. haha!!
    Jaben: Nope, I don’t use that, but then again, I may just try that too…

  10. wash with milk? sugar solutions?

    Jaben: err… Never tried it…

  11. rubbed with salt..?

    Jaben: Hi Boon… almost there…

  12. The best thing NOT to do is touching chilli and then your eyes.

    Jaben: But what if you did… then what?

  13. Break a toe; trust me, it’s a great distraction haha ouch!

  14. The best remedies I have heard for distracting chili related pain are rubbing ice water onto the back of your opposite knee. That or apparently salt takes it away. I prefer not to rub salt in my eyes if I don’t have to though.

    Jaben: Ice water, opposite knee… mmmm… you’re not pulling my knee, ooops I mean leg, right?

  15. Hey Uncle Wilson! So what’s your solution? Don’t think anything beats breaking a toe though haha.

    Jaben: Simple, get some salt… pop into your mouth and suck it hard… the sting disappears in less than half a minute. ‘sides it’s less painful than breaking a toe.

  16. Ooo thanks! I just had to google “salt chilli eye” and got this interestig read.
    Incidently, I’ve seen tequila shots done by snorting the salt, lemon in eye then take the shot.

    Jaben: Do I deserve a free meal ? Tequila shots… very interesting… not for me though…

  17. Free meal for you? No fighting for the bill next time round! I’ll bring you down to Aston’s Specialities in Katong for steak. They have wagu beef there!

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