Salted Eggs & Porridge…

How about this…

When the porridge (congee) is ready, break apart an already boiled salted egg and put it in a corner of the congee pot. Let it simmer for a while. The flavors of the salted egg will seep into the porridge and you have a very simple and nice tasting meal.


~ by jaben on June 12, 2007.

10 Responses to “Salted Eggs & Porridge…”

  1. Have you tried truffles with porridge? It’s lovely! No need for any other condiments. Much better than truffles on toast as the heat releases the fragrance… Truffle oil with porridge is nice too!

    Jaben: Yeah… I am looking for Truffle oil… where can I get it?

  2. My favourite is adding salted eggs into century eggs porridge and minced pork. It taste marvelous!

    Jaben: Thanks, I must try this…

  3. Non porridge related..but steamed egg mixture of normal eggs + salted eggs + century egg + minced pork is very nice. In cantonese, we call it the ‘three yolk egg’.

    Jaben: Mmmmm… sounds yummy… where’s a good place to try this?

  4. yummy boy.. yummy. In fact porridge goes well with anything huh?.

    Jaben: Errr… exception… I absolutely dislike ice-cold porridge. I tired it a couple of times. Darn, it was like ice sliding down with a big thump when it hits bottom.

  5. RE: the steam egg,
    There isn’t any place to buy as I recall. This is a dish whipped up by my mom. 😛

    Jaben: You can get it at Japanese restaurants… and of course at home 🙂

  6. O yes !!! THAT EGG !!!! its pretty damn marvelous. I am surprised ppl here know abt it. The only place i have eaten them is in Malaysia. Doubt we can find any in S’pore though >_

    Jaben: Helloooooooooooo… I’m sure you can.

  7. Hahaha… nothing like tearing lots of yoo-cha-kuay (dun like the other word for it, lol) throwing the parts in and soaking up the preferably not too dilute congee (i like it thick!), with a generous shower of pepper. Yummy.

  8. Truffle oil is available at Isetan at Lido.

    Jaben: Thanks…

  9. About the steamed egg… my mom makes it. In fact, just about any of the aunties and grandmas I know of makes it.
    The japanese version is chawan mushi right? that’s just steamed eggs, shitake and sometimes a piece of crab filament. Not quite the same.

  10. if u ever visit malacca…try the teochew porridge near the jonker street…
    it’s my favourite 🙂

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