They have arrived…

The Alessandros’ have arrived…

Update: All the MSPros & MS2 are sold out. A couple of MS-1 are still available.


~ by jaben on June 11, 2007.

11 Responses to “They have arrived…”

  1. Yahoo!!! *Hugs Uncle Wilson*

    Jaben: Oops!, are you on the wait list…

  2. Yeah was just about to post another reply saying “why the hell am I excited for” XD

    Jaben: Young lady… would I disappoint you? Pretty please, no?

  3. Hey I’m not lol don’t worry. As long as you still call me “sweetie”

    Jaben: Sweetie, you’re supposed to get on your knees… OK, OK, one unit is for you.

  4. !! any for me uncle ?

    Jaben: Call or email me. 🙂

  5. Wooohoo! guess i could finally get my replacement!

  6. how many came in ?

    Jaben: I think it was XXXXXX

  7. Hee. i sent you an email uncle, u received?

    Jaben: OK, one for you.

  8. WEEE !!! Thank you uncle ! i will be heading over later =) see you then ^_^

    Jaben: Most welcomed…

  9. Wow! That was fast. Luckily, I got mine during lunch.
    MS2 is absolutely heavenly.
    Poorer but a lot happier.

    Jaben: Thanks VF… now what you need is a Lavry DA10 🙂

  10. anymore left? pls reserve 1 for me, i’m coming in the evening (wed) after work.

    Jaben: Email me your needs…

  11. Yeah, those MS2’s are looking absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe I haven’t even given Grados a try yet. I only hear excellent things.

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