Headphone Stand Design – Prizes

Hi Everyone,
Would these prizes be ok with you guys & gals?

  • 1st Prize: Alessandro MS2
  • 2nd Prize: Beyer 770
  • 3rd Prize: Firestone Beyond

14th June Update, The rules:

  • Sketches or Photo’s
  • Physical Model – If you win, the cost to make the model will be reimbursed.
  • Deadline: 31st Aug 2007, however early birds get something special, whether you win or not.
  • Staff and members of Jaben are not allowed to participate
  • Other little details that maybe necessary will be updated

~ by jaben on June 11, 2007.

29 Responses to “Headphone Stand Design – Prizes”

  1. Prizes?? Prizes for what? I am fairly new to your blog as you know. I Have the 770’s very fun cans!

    Jaben: Headphone stand design…

  2. Stand design…. hmm
    Jaben: Yeah… mmmm… taking part?

  3. How to submit design? Use LEGOs πŸ™‚

    Jaben: There will be 2 categories, conceptual and physical. Stay tuned…

  4. Question – must there be a working model or sketch will do?
    Jaben: Either…

  5. sigh.. the big bear isn’t on the list.. 😦

    Jaben: No young man, the bear is MINE…

  6. Count me in!

    Jaben: OK, get moving…

  7. The prizes sound fantastic, uncle! A pity I have neither the technical nor the creative skills to take part in this contest.
    Jaben: It does not have to look pretty. exceution can be had with advice and skills for others…

  8. Conceptual = Design on paper? If so, prizes should be different category from physical design.
    When is the deadline to submit?

    Jaben: No deadlines yet as this anwer is being written. Different category…. mmm.. I really don’t know… Wait a little and we’ll see how to best handle it.

  9. Sounds cool! Now to crack our brains…. This blog is a pleasant surprise, I may be converted to an audiophile soon. *beams*

    Jaben: πŸ™‚

  10. Count me in Wilson πŸ™‚
    Question, anything considered about we go about submitting something in the physical category if we can’t present it in person?
    Will a photograph do?

    Jaben: Yes James, a photo will suffice.

  11. i think best everything put in papers isn’t?.. Good drawings doesn’t mean has the best functionality, bad drawings doesn’t mean its a bad design either. Unless, there alot of participants want to do handcraft, then we can have 2 categories.. im sure wilson will include the big bear in the list.

    Jaben: No, No, No… The Bear IS NOT ON THE LIST… READ MY LIPS … NO, NO. NO… πŸ™‚

  12. no consolation prizes? hahahah =P

    Jaben: Who needs consolation?

  13. me !

  14. when does it starts and when is deadline?

    Jaben: Starts next week… deadline TBA

  15. I have some unique concepts to contribute πŸ™‚

    Well, for starters, I am sort of picky about my little listening/working area and I like things to be nice so I can really relate to having a dedicated spot to keep your cans organized. I actually came up with my own headphones stands already while brainstorming ideas of where to put my headphones! I use sticky hooks and put them on the top upper inside of my work desk.

    Now when most people think of a stand.. Well, they’re thinking of a “stand” but my idea was to use hooks! Put sticky foam on the bottom of a circular plastic disc with a hook coming out of it so that they can be attached to furniture, walls, or whatever has a flat surface!

    These are simple to manufacture and could be customized in many ways. Maybe you could do shiny aluminum ones, or incorporate shapes of some kind, acrylic colors, etc.. Basically all you need is sticky foam on the other side and anyone can use em no hassles! These suckers don’t come off!

    Also, another thing I’d like to think of is a way to take care of the wires so everything is clean and they aren’t sticking out all over the place! Wires are UGLY don’t you all agree! πŸ™‚ I was thinking of a way to do this and have come up with something I think might work but it might not be too friendly of a manufacturing process. Perhaps together we can come up with a great way to keep the wires neat and tucked away.

    Take a look at the pictures I have provided… Yes, the hook concept is simple but it’s quite efficient!

    Oookay, not sold on that? How about this one… You would have a pole that can either hang down off something or stands on its own. It has about 6 or so arms with ends attach to/hold your cans. It would be able to rotate of course! Yes, solar powered spinning action powered by the light bulb that goes in the center of the rack!! haha jk (that would actually be pretty sweet if possible though, heh) Anyhow, perhaps I will elaborate more on this one later if it’s sounding any good so far….

  16. curious to see if VB code is enabled


  17. nope, lol 😦

    ehhh… I want a work of art to hold my headphones.. Maybe I’ll make a tree and hang em from the branches hehe. Hmmm maybe a headphone lamp. lol πŸ™‚

  18. Oooooh I got a good one… Okay… it’s a rectangular bored you hang on the wall maybe. It will be stylish of course! The bored has pegs for you to hang your headphones on so that you can have several sets of your more precious cans hanging in vertical alignment. Or I guess you could just do a solo one. hehe. Hanging headphones on the wall.

  19. oh, i forgot to add, there would be hallowed out slots to stick the wires into so you never even see them.

  20. awww my imagineering skills go unrecognized @ Jaben town.

    Jaben: Why? You’re rather cryptic today !

  21. Steven, nice monitors in the first photo but shouldn’t they be at ear level or do you mostly use just your haedphones only? Perhaps you could get those speaker mounts & install them on the sides of your desk shelves? πŸ™‚

  22. LOL i want second prize more than the first prize!! Will have to make a bodge job effort now!


  23. I have sent you my design!
    I don’t think i have explained how the headphones sit on it very well, so i may need to explain better!
    If you dont like opening attachments i will post the picture of my sketch on image shack and post the link for you.
    Hope you like it!

    Jaben: Thanks I will upload later tonight… good work…

  24. Thanks πŸ™‚
    just wish i could make a model of it lol!

    Jaben: Mmmmm… mmm… mmm…

  25. lol…am i considered an early bird?
    i sent my design twice because i think you didn’t get the 1st one because your server was down πŸ™‚

    Jaben: Yes, you are… I’ll post it later…

  26. Was your server down? I sent an email, but im not sure if you have got it?

    Jaben: No… ’twas alright… please send again… make it a new email. Thanks…

  27. Ed-tots: Did I hear MS2?! Tots ticking away!!! Will submit soon… and it won’t be in leather…

    Jaben: Yeah you did… call me.

  28. Hi, I’m new here! I have a crazy idea for the headphone stand. When I have the time, I will make the actual thing ok? I wanna win the prize cos I’m using a lousy Cresyn 630 right now. =P

  29. […] https://jaben.wordpress.com/2007/06/11/headphone-stand-design-prizes/ […]

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