Of Curried Rotten herrings, Curry Powder and H…

I took an early day off today and met up with H, someone whom Olivier introduced. Dinner was pan-fried venison, broccoli and scallops, sliced fish with black beans & flat rice vermicelli (aka Hor Fun)

H came to Singapore by way of Sweden, Canada and now works here. Whilst the dinner was good, it was after dinner that was better. We had curried rotten herrings on toast and ice cream.

I first ate rotten herrings way back when I went to Sweden. By Jove it stank but it sure was nice… try it with Schnapps and you’ll find it rather interesting. Tonight’s was interesting as this is a curried version.

This reminded me of the time I ate fried rice in Sweden, to be exact it was at Malmö-Bulltofta Airport. What was intriguing was the peppershaker that was filled with baked curry powder. It was absolutely fantabulous and I’ve always wanted to do it some day. The baked curry powder was sprinkled over the fried rice and… ooooo…

More to come… stay tuned…


~ by jaben on June 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “Of Curried Rotten herrings, Curry Powder and H…”

  1. yummy.. rotten herrings..
    Jaben: You like it?… hey, someday we’ll get some for the party…

  2. If you like that than you’ll definitely like the Dutch “matjes” herring. Raw with onions it’s better then the best sushi.

    Jaben: Get some for Friday !

  3. i think im gonna faint soon… the only rotten food i eat is chinese rotten fish…… kiam yu 😉
    Jaben: Errr… Sambal Belachan, Prawn paste (Hay Kor). For our foreign friends, both of these are made from fermented prawns/shrimps. Yes it sounds as gross as rotten herring.

    Actually I was going to write a bit about salted fish but I was too bushed last night… I’ll try and do it sometime today. But Russman… it isn’t only the Chinese who eat salted fish.

  4. Sounds.. interesting

    Jaben: You wanna have a bite… I’ll get some for you.

  5. And gross

  6. The only preserved herring I’ve ever tried was this herring in mustard thing sold in a jar at the IKEA store. Though I normally consider myself adventurous when it comes to all things gastronomic, I could only force myself to finish half the jar before throwing it away. Never developed a taste for it like I hoped.
    Never knew Sweden has fried rice and curry…

    Jaben: The fried rice and the curry sprinkle was the best ever… I’ve never forgotten it after all these years.

  7. Then again, my experience with Swedish crusine has so far been limited to crispbread, smoked salmon, a couple of cheeses and the aforementioned herrings. Whatever that can be found at IKEA, in other words. 😛

    Jaben: Hey… there are things to see, and places to go… and I do like Scandinavia.

  8. Hi my good old friend, how I missed your aglio olio and curry chicken… Good to “see” you blog in action. Great job!

    Jaben: Hi Boon… Yay!!!, I’m happy to see you here. How did you find this blog? Hey, how’s the baby? Curry chicken, OK, I’ll get mum to make it just for you. Hey J.. , if you are reading this, you are included too. But… no recipe… OK?

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