Bottoms up, bread and “moo yet”

Wakey, wakey… it’s Sunday and all’s well. If you thought this thread has anything to do with wine or liquor, then, this will disappoint you.

I was looking for the French word for bottoms up… Hey! Edmund I know you said “Sante” or sumfink like that, but I want to know how you spell it. Anyways back to rambling.

Those of you who have been to the party… there is this insistence that you eat your bread bottom up… actually it is more like flip it over, but let’s not grind our teeth over phrases or expressions. Those who have not tried it, then please do it. Here’s what happens… the spread on the bread hits your taste buds first… and voila… pure bliss…

Here’s another of my fav. Toast with sunny eggs. First slice of a small diagonal of the ends of the toast. Put that aside. Scoop the sunny egg on top of the toast. Pierce it and spread that heavenly yellow ooze on the bread. Optional – Put on it a slice of bacon. Let the yellow lava spill over onto the plate (I hope you are using a plate). A dollop of Tabasco (never leave home without it), a sprinkling of fine pepper (will talk about it in another post) and you start eating. I prefer tomatoes and cucumbers on the side as I can … wait, we’ll talk about this in the next paragraph.

The diagonal bread-ends that you sliced off earlier, comes in handy when you have finished that egg-on-the-toast. You use these ends to mop up the plate. The French use the word “Moo yet” as least that is how it is pronounced, and for the life of me, I don’t know the actual spelling. It actually means the hanky-end or something to that effect.

OK, back to the tomatoes and cucumbers… try this for a really simple and invigorating salad, if it is the appropriate word.

  • Slice tomatoes & cucumbers… diagonals in the case of cucumbers as you want the maximum surface area
  • Spread them out on a plate
  • Sprinkle fine pepper and sea salt (skip the salt if you don’t want it)
  • If you sprinkle salt on it… it will start sweating … a bit is good and then you;
  • Start eating

Robert (we worked together many years ago… he’s from Germany) taught me this trick. He also showed me how to make home-made tomato soup… if I ever get the time…

Stay well and have a good week ahead.


~ by jaben on June 10, 2007.

7 Responses to “Bottoms up, bread and “moo yet””

  1. yummy~~

    Jaben: You bet !!! 😉

  2. ah.. i’m starting to feel hungry already!

    Jaben: Yeah… Try it…

  3. When can I sample your famous tuna sandwiches and filling again! 😦

    Jaben: You wanna help make it? It’s hard work…

  4. I like my fried eggs between 2 slices of toast, mayo, tabasco, cucumber and loads of black pepper. The yolk is perfect when its semi-runny.

  5. I like my fried eggs between 2 slices of toast, mayo, tabasco, cucumber and loads of black pepper. The yolk is perfect when its semi-runny.
    BTW, thanks for the party!
    Jaben: Yeap… Runny is good… and the eggs should be corn fed.

  6. Vegemite is missing.

    Jaben: Mmmm… vegemite would overwhelm the york… then again… maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  7. Hmm it could be Slainte or Salut.

    Jaben: Thanks mate…

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