Tatanka Iyotaka, Custer’s nemesis…

… Let’s gather our braves and when the time is right, Long hair will fall… The braves are gathering… wait… we need long rifles, bows, hatchets and winged creatures…


~ by jaben on June 7, 2007.

8 Responses to “Tatanka Iyotaka, Custer’s nemesis…”

  1. I wonder back then did red indians have their own home-made headphones.

    Jaben: I think they do… below the feathers… thanks for highlighting it to everyone here… how’s the burning in going on…
    Well if you think about it, the medicine man had a buffalo head on top of his head. Methinks, the horns could very well be a bone conducting device… the precursor to the headphone, no?

  2. did a 24 hour burn-in last night. Think I haven’t dug my ears yet, or probably just woke up rushing to work. Still sounds the same. Anyway, without burning in, its already good, to me. Time to dig out all my old CDs. So different now when i listen to Hotel California.. all thanks to you. Btw, a quick question, u know the green parts on the 990s, does bayers sells replacement for those?..
    Thought of changing it to red… if its gentle on me wallet.

    Jaben: Not that I know off, but I’ll check… and yes, you’ll be very poor…

  3. thanks wilson. Poor yes. but happy, “Blessed are the poor”.. 😉

    Jaben: Ouch, haunting or is it taunting me… See you tomorrow and bring that sweet young thing down. You won’t regret it…

  4. no wilson.. dont get me wrong.. just spreading words of wisdom. Like u said, poor but happy… cheers.. bring my cans down? wont regret?.. haha.. my only regrets is never bought these earlier. Ill try to make it to ur party… night, sleep well.

    Jaben: Nah my friend, I’m only ribbing you… yes I will and you too… hey your sweet hot date, not your cans. 😉

  5. haha.. i thought u found a red beyers for me to replace for free.. cheers!

    Jaben: Hey!, its my job to make you poor… not yours… OK, come down I’ll give you a chance to make me poor… the party is your opportunity. 😉

  6. no i dont make people poor. Remember? Poor is your job, russman makes people bankrupt!. and no.. wilson is a good fella, i wont make people like u bankrupt.
    Jaben: Ok… don’t hold me to it, I will try my best to get the red rings.

  7. i just tried customizing one on beyers website.. Ack.. super duper wallet sucker. Think ill just stick when the green, till i find a way to grow money on tress.

    Jaben: Russman… sweet thing you had with you… Stay Well

  8. wilson. hope you see this. just found this on the net.
    red indians, they do listen to music tru their ears. Its IEM, they don’t do cans. Check this out


    Jaben: Hey, it looks like a Mylarone X3, White…

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