The Ultimate Portable Amp… Could this be the one?

Wanna venture a guess… who’s interested to wager that we may have the ultimate portable amp. Some say it’s so good they would dump everything they have. Some think it’s snake oil… whatever the case… watch this thread.


~ by jaben on June 5, 2007.

23 Responses to “The Ultimate Portable Amp… Could this be the one?”

  1. Jaben: No… this is the one ……….. , try again.

  2. yeah its wednesday!
    Jaben: Yeah, yeah… Nag, nag, ok ok… come after 7:00, please, and don’t be funny… it’s PM not AM.

  3. thanks Wilson.. after 7 that is. Gonna take leave tomorrow just to burn in my 990s with the diva at home.. muahahah! BTW, i am still keeping “your-long-term-loaned” russbears.
    Jaben: Ok, be seeing you then… and yes… those bears are only a long-term loan. And, now get to work… don’t want you to lose your job, do we?

    5:57PM Update: Yo Ho Ho, Santa arrived with his bags of goodies…

  4. Hmm…what could be more portable than the Minibox-D? Heard this amp was bundled with the new mylar xb…
    Jaben: The D is about the smallest. No, it is not bundled with the Myarone XB. And, no… this is not the Ultimate Amp.

  5. There you go “………..”

    Jaben: Almost right, almost…

  6. Xin Supermini IV?

    Jaben: Nope, not exotic enough…

  7. burn baby burn~~~ the diva man roaaarssssss~~~~ BTW, thanks wilson.

    Jaben: Most welcome… Stay well…

  8. So is someone gonna tell us what is this mysterious amp before I throw my money at the iBasso T2?

    Jaben: Not me… wait for the news…

  9. Wah…..Heard you saying about it yesterday….ARGGG….Want it BAD…..My wallet screaming in pain…..

    Jaben: Squeal and you’re kaput…

  10. The ultimate? Is it the Diablo?

    Jaben: Nope, we’re not into Lambo…

  11. Might be some amp from NASA?

    Jaben: We’re not into rocket science…

  12. I know! Its the London Symphony Orchestra in your pocket!

    Jaben: Hey, that’s imaginative… drop by…. there’s a complimentary Mylarone waiting for you. But you’re still wrong…

  13. Xin Reference Amp?

    Jaben: Nope, we’re am not into rocket science… 🙂

  14. The new XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the ultimate portable amp?
    Btw, what’s it about the hornets and tomahawks?

    Jaben: Tris… you never fail to surprise me… I salute you.

  15. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the name of the amp, if that’s the one.

    Jaben: 🙂

  16. When are you going to reveal it?

    Jaben: Next week… 😉

  17. A salute from the man himself, great honour 😛 Any tangible token?
    So any chance of me getting “the ultimate portable amp” on a one month loan at no cost? or entitlement to the next better mylarone Special Edition prototype in the colour of my choice? LOL

    Jaben: Of course a tangible token is waiting for you… pretty please don’t tell… About the other “requests” mmm… come down and convince me.

  18. Is it in the Emmeline series??

    Jaben: Nope, but that’s almost here.

  19. Will keep “my precious” to meself. U can count on me, err.. right? That’s the easy part.

    Convincing you for the loan is a challenge though… Initially, I wanted to suggest a “permanent loan”… not about bears here! LOL. Nah, that would have been too nasty of me.

    Will be there to report to you real soon, too bad for me that it’d not be this evening… when the prizes are kind, and the food are fine. Sigh…

  20. There isn’t much that can be improved about AE-2 i.m.h.o.except for the price.

    Jaben: Ha ha ha ha… mmmm… lucky draw?

  21. Emmeline series…. MmmmmmmmMmmmmmm 🙂

    Jaben: Nah… hey!, ooops I am supposed to email you… please wait a little…

  22. Mmmmmmm HORNET……….

    Jaben: Nah, nah, nah… Try again?

  23. lol

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