Of Bees and Red Indians…

What’s the Hornets and Tomahawks got to do with you? No prizes for guessing. Email me if you’re ready to be stung and or cleaved.

10:04 pm, Oh my, did I stir a hornet’s (No pun intended) nest?, hey guys… read.


~ by jaben on June 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “Of Bees and Red Indians…”

  1. I have been stung but aint happy, so time to be cleaved.

    Jaben: Onnga, onnga !!!

  2. Oh my… The wait is finally over!

    Jaben: Errr… nearly over.

  3. Hey Wilson, please hold a black Tomahawk for me, will pick it up with the UE Triple.fi 10 Pro. Thanks in advance.

    Jaben: Thank you too…

  4. Hehe Wilson remember my green friend! Thanks a million!

    Jaben: Who’s that… Kato?

  5. Nope its me green hornet:) I haf been waiting eagerly for it! Make me poorer and happier!

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