Mylarone X3… it is in…


Those of you who have been waiting patiently… the stocks have just arrived…

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have a limited qty’s of Mylarone X-3 with all black tips. The left and right is identified by the blue/red rings.


~ by jaben on June 5, 2007.

14 Responses to “Mylarone X3… it is in…”

  1. Wow… stocks came in earlier than expected

    Jaben: Well can’t disappoint you guys, right?

  2. Uncle, do you happen to have AKG K26P in store?

    Jaben: Yes…

  3. Oh my….leave a unit for me plssssss….i’m coming…..

  4. Ohh… a limited edition M3…
    Hey, when are the red ones coming? I try and I try but still can’t quite picture them in my head.

  5. Fantastic! My wait is over
    Just one question, I ordered them online friday(I think >_>),I will get one of those black tips X3?
    Thanks in adavance!
    Jaben: I suppose you have been good? OK, I’m sure Uncle David will make sure you have one…

  6. Uncle, you must keep a test set of the all-black Mylar3s to show us

    Jaben: Mmmm… how about a luc?? dr?? for this special unit.

  7. Sounds like a great idea, uncle.
    Looking forward to seeing it (and perhaps winning it) on Friday.

    Jaben: OK, then we shall have that on this Friday’s plate

  8. Hi, I ordered a pair of Mylarone X3 on Friday. How long would it take to reach NYC in the US?
    Jaben: Two weeks or less, Thanks for the purchase.

  9. heh, that’s funny.. Someone asked if you guys carried k26p in this X3 blog page. X3’s blow those things away. I hope you guys continue to improve on an already awesome product and manage to keep the prices as fair as they are now. I’m looking forward to trying the XB’s from you and maybe another pair of X3’s when you upgrade them and give them a makeover! Try something fresh and innovative so that these can be worn as a fashion accessory and not just average looking (but amazing sounding) headphones.
    -Steven Thibault

  10. Hi, I placed an order for the X3 on june 2nd. Can you please send me a confirmation email for my order? Just want to make sure my order went thru correctly. Thanks!

    Jaben: Yes… it’s done, details will be sent later. Thanks for the purchase.

  11. Hey Uncle Wilson! Thanks for reserving those wonderful X3. I was really excited about finally owning one this afternoon that I began to flaunt it around in office… and guess what?! I think a few of my colleagues will be popping by Jaben soon to get one themselves. =) By the way, thanks for the freebies.. Looking forward to get a timbuk2 bag as a freebie one day. =P

    Jaben: Most welcome, it’s our pleasure to be of service… and Timbuk2… mmmm… keep your fingers crossed.

  12. I hope you didn’t run out. I just ordered a pair. BTW, your business is well received over at headfi.
    Max F.
    Jaben: Thanks Max, we have stocks… if you’re ever in this part of the world… remember, come here on a Friday.

  13. Hey Uncle Wilson, I need another pair of X3. My boss just tested my them and decides to get one too. Will give Jaben a call to check on its availability before I come down. Amazing earphones where how can one not owning one is even more amazing. By the way, am I able to get a box for my X3 which you forget to give me the other day? See you soon! 🙂
    Jaben: 🙂 , Yes boxes are in…

  14. Are there any stocks available presently… will be buying it most probably next week
    Jaben: Yes…

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