This Friday June 1st, Lucky Draw Prizes…

Fellow head-fiers, this coming Friday, some of the prizes are:

  • A voucher for two to eat at the best Italian restaurant in Singapore
  • In-Ear-Monitors
  • DVD Players
  • And…
  • And…

The food… a very limited supply of the best Italian bread… with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. And we have soup again… hey Norse… you dropping by, who knows you may hit the jackpot again?

Late News (1) : Yes… a couple of Mylarone XB will be given away as well

Late news (2) : Today is a bit quiet… as most would know, the PC show is on, but still enough guys were there… and yes a couple of gals as well. I would venture to say the vegimited toast and tomato soup was good.

And… flip the toast over and eat it…
Thanks guys for helping to clean up… We appreciate it.


~ by jaben on May 30, 2007.

15 Responses to “This Friday June 1st, Lucky Draw Prizes…”

  1. Help me “reserve” some bread!

    Jaben: Have you been good? BTW, there’s only one very very small pack… good for at best 1 or 2 persons only… It’s in the freezer now and we will heat it up when we are ready to eat it.

  2. One small pack for the multitude that will turn up? How are you going to ration it this time? The beaker? Haha…
    Uncle, you know I’ll always try my very best to attend your Friday parties,I’m a fan of good food too. IF the lady can see her way to letting me out for a few hours, I’ll try to come by early to help out.

    Jaben: Hey!… tell the lady, she’s good fortune for you so she must let you out and have fun. You could always make it up to her by washing the plates… As for that small loaf… alas, I can’t perform miracles, so I was thinking of raffling it. Then again, if you come you might just win that voucher for 2 at the finest Italian restaurant in Singapore and probably in the entire region. Besides, I need a volunteer to go get the bread and … yeah! and I’m gonna do vegemite toast and maybe beans on toast. Coming ??? and if you don’t turn up you will forever be unhappy… and you will be in my bad books.

  3. Oh darn, just realised will be in Malaysia over the weekend. My lost then. Sorry uncle! There’s always next week…

  4. Too bad..
    I have tests. =(

  5. Aww man! I wanna attend >

    Jaben: hey sweetie, just drop by… who knows you may just win something exciting.

  6. New here.. heard about this place.. would love to check it out.. what time is it? or is it just a private occasion?

    Jaben: Drop by… nope it’s open for everyone… the draw is for everyone.

  7. Just dropping by to thank Mr Wilson for the flanges. =)

    Jaben: Most welcome!, hey! coming for the party?

  8. dang.. I’m in Malaysia now.

    Jaben: Sigh ! , Next week then…

  9. hehe , have fun in the party^^

    Jaben: Yes, we will… you’re coming?

  10. won’t be coming.. do wish you guys have fun …

  11. I came.

    Jaben: Veni Vedi Vici

  12. Nice vegemite toast, Uncle. I’m glad I made it down in time for the toast (and more tomato soup). Now I know what vegemite is. Thanks once again for your wonderful hosting, Uncle. Will help you to clean up next week

    Jaben: Thanks for coming… always nice to have you around. OK, next week you manage the clean-up detail.

  13. So who won the vouchers? I’m gonna rob him/her so I can bring my girl to that nice restaurant for our anniversary next week! Lol…

    Jaben: Dont you dare… the person who won it is a nice person… 🙂

  14. opps! i forgot to go down haha! was busy with stuff

    Jaben: Oops !!!, Yeah you’re forgiven only if you make it down this coming Friday…

  15. this friday? oh no.. can’t cause i’m having my common test so sorry! ._.”

    Jaben: This Friday (1st June) came and went… no worries, there’s another Friday two from now. And more every week thereafter.

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