The long awaited Mylarone XB…

Will the Mylarone XB be available today…

Late News: A couple will be given away as lucky draw prizes on the 1st June ’07


~ by jaben on May 30, 2007.

18 Responses to “The long awaited Mylarone XB…”

  1. its finally here. =)

    Jaben: Yes! and you’re the first one right? OK, for that leap of faith, you will be getting a surprise… Thanks, we appreciate your business.

  2. Hey!
    David said that I’d have the 1st set sent out!
    What Gives?
    How many people can actually be considered the ‘First’? LOL!
    Who cares, just send mine out ASAP!
    Also, if you get a chance, check out my reviews of the MylarOne Classic and MylarOne X3
    I hear pople are mentioning me by name when ordering from JABEN, which I find very cool, since I so love my Mylars, and feel that others will too.
    Jaben: He was the first in-site, you are the first online… Ok, you get something too… be surprised. Thank you for the review, we are most grateful.

  3. Can’t wait to recieve my XB’s

    Jaben: 🙂

  4. hahaha!
    im waiting =D

    Jaben: Hey buddy, can you come down… I’ll make it worth your while.

  5. hmmms. now?

  6. im coming down right now =)

  7. oh my…
    that was more a shock than a surprise.
    thanks uncle.

    Jaben: Well it was better than 10x bxxxxxx right? :-), Ok, stay good… see you this Friday?

  8. The XBs sound solid when tested! Need to start burning in mine asap
    I have gone from previously owning two lousy pairs of earbuds to currently owning three (and counting :P) solid pairs of earbuds.
    All credit has to go to Uncle for his wonderful recommendations and “recommendations”
    Thanks for everything, Uncle

    Jaben: Most welcome… stay well.

  9. haha! thx for everything today uncle~~ =)

    Jaben: It’s our pleasure… coming on Friday?

  10. Man!
    There’s no doubt that you guys need a shop in the U.S…
    Preferably in Las Vegas… Hint… Hint LOL
    You’d Be The Hottest ‘Phones’ Shop Ever!

    Jaben: Mmmmm… mmmm…

  11. Probably won’t be able to turn up this coming friday.
    Next week is filled with wonderful common test.

    Jaben: Have fun then… Stay Well

  12. Hey boss. Thanks for the earphones today. hehe. Don’t think i could go for tomorrow’s party though. I’ve got a feeling I have to work very late.

    Jaben: Shucks… sigh!… never mind, next Friday?

  13. Hey Guys,
    As I await the arrival of my MyalarOneXB, I took an opportunity to write a review of your excellent CrossRoads CR-02.
    My question is, how many different versions of the CR-02 are there?
    … and just how didferent are they, because they sure do sound different from each other?

    Jaben: OK, we confess… they are constantly being improved upon…

  14. Uncle, you gave away more than a couple of XBs on 1 June 😛

  15. Went down today but was told Mylarone X3 was out of stock and will be coming in on Wed….can’t wait for it….been hearing so much positive reviews….today’s only Sunday…then Monday …then Tues…may time pass faster….

    Jaben: Alakazam… it’s Wednesday… Ok, my magic did not work. Tell you what, you bring a sweet young thing and we’ll make her happy and she’ll love you forever… how’s that?

  16. sounds like a good deal…but my sweet young thing is having exams this week…. I’m ‘grounding’ her to make her study at home instead of participating in the current Great SG Sale heh….
    PS: i still can’t wait for wednesday to come…

    Jaben: Poor thing… I’d hate to be in her shoes… grounded huh!, ouch…

  17. Hey Uncle Wilson thanks alot just now.. Totally in love with my Mylarone XB.. cant wait to try the X3..

    Jaben: Thanks Farid… don’t forget the Friday party… lots of prizes to be won. 🙂

  18. Any pics of the XBs?

    Jaben: I will post it in an hour or less.

    Update: It’s up… see here,

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