Headphone Stand Competition…

Hi everyone,

Here’s something that might interest you guys… a chance to win a nice prize.

We are sponsoring a headphone stand competition. Since we want this to be a project that everyone can participate in , we would like to have your thoughts… Over to you guys.

Note 1: It can be a conceptual design in the form of a sketch. It can be something physical. It can be…


~ by jaben on May 29, 2007.

10 Responses to “Headphone Stand Competition…”

  1. design a headphone stand? any restrictions or criteria?

    Jaben: No restrictions no criteria… anything goes

  2. How ’bout interested parties draw a concept stand?

  3. where we make the headphone stand?
    at home?

    Jaben: Anywhere…

  4. but sketching is easier than making the thing itself…
    any differences in the prices?
    Jaben: A good sketch isn’t all that easy… still, this is a good question. Let’s see the responses and thoughts from others and then we decide later…

  5. although a good sketch is not easy…but to transform the sketch into a real headphone stand is even tougher…

    Jaben: Let’s cross the bridge when we are there… otherwise we will just be stumped and end up doing nothing… 🙂

  6. i think this is a great idea. Make it an exclusive jaben headphone stand. Transforming a sketch to the product, i suppose if u have the right contacts and tools, shouldn’t be hard either right?.
    Jaben: Yes, transforming isn’t a huge problem… Thank you for the support and hey, take care of my bears…

  7. of course.. my girlfren says thanks for the bears and the dtx900. Cheers

    Jaben: Stay well… and tell her, the bears are on permanent loan… it’s still mine though…

  8. off topic a little bit. Any chance i can see my custom diy tube amp next monday?. My beyers 990 still in box, waiting for the amp to come. No rush though, good things comes later. Ill be out of town from tommorow till sunday, but i still be contactable thru my cell phone. Happy Holidays Wilson, and everyone else.~~~
    Jaben: … and the patient will inherit… Ok, I wil try… Yes Russman, happy holidays too…

  9. Hi Wilson,
    I hope you would be happy to read this post… Ok, I am pushing it abit… (since I know you would most probably be exhausted from your really long sales hours in the shop, (which is astonishing, since the fatigue doesn’t seem to take a toll on your energy and hospitality)
    I have with me a concept Headphone Stand which I am very proud to associate it with Jaben. I would be most eager to present it when you need the flood of ideas. Please drop me a note or put it on your blog when you want the entries in!
    I need a Deadline for Submission.

    Jaben: Thanks bud, I’ll start making concrete plans…

  10. Heya Wilson, I’ve been working on making up some instructions for making the lego stand.
    I’ve got the model all made up in LDraw, now I have to turn it into something that everyone else can use.
    Take it easy Wilson 🙂

    Jaben: Thanks James… I’m sure everyone here will like it too. Say hello to Ruth…

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