The Strida Bike will be the next grand prize…

OK, so some of you have been eyeing the strida bike at the store… well, it will be the prize for the next big lucky draw mid-June. Watch this thread for qualifying criteria.

27th May update: The Strida Lucky Draw Qualifying Criteria – All those who purchase Mylarone XB (arriving this Wednesday) will have two lucky draw tickets. All other purchases made from the 25th will have one draw ticket.


~ by jaben on May 25, 2007.

9 Responses to “The Strida Bike will be the next grand prize…”

  1. Actually I am eyeing the Vegemite and bread.

    Jaben: Then come in any day and I will make you a vegimite toast.

  2. looking forward to that…anyway, any new tips for mylar3? i sent an email but haven’t got a reply yet…thanks uncle!

  3. Hmm Hello Uncle Willson… Do you guys still have stock for the Mylar3? May make my way down to your shop to get one if i have time.

    Jaben: Yes…

  4. i bought my mylar3 a month ago…am i eligible?

    Jaben: Alas no… we got to be be fair to the others as well. Why not get a Mylarone XB as well… it works well for some genres’ . Mmmm… I feel terrible… why don’t we do this – drop by on that day, there are other prizes to be drawn as well.

  5. haha…don’t feel bad…
    don’t have money to get mylarone xb at the moment
    Jaben: Alright… help me out then… suggest a way out that everyone wins… so that others like you can also be treated fairly.

  6. Mmmm… stocks delayed?

    Jaben: No worries buddy… should be in by Wednesday 🙂

  7. where to collect the draw ticket?

    Jaben: Come here and fill up the draw ticket

  8. hmm…
    Is this the bike outside the shop everytime!

    Jaben: Yes… you like it?

  9. lol… love the mylarone xb the bass is Xtra good. VERY NICE
    hmm the bike seems weird but kinda cool =)

    Jaben: … had to edit it a bit… I hope it is OK with you. Yeah, calling us names huh… ok, so we’re a little wierd.

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