Ultimate Ears day is here again, 25th May ’07

It’s back… the great UE day. Here’s what we are giving away on the 25th.

  • 1x UE Super-Fi XXX, it’s a surprize which model it will be
  • 1x UE Lighter
  • And lots of other things… Seiko Watch, Philips DVD players, and…

The draw for the Super-Fi is held at 8:00pm. All other items are drawn every 30 mins starting at 7:30pm.

25th May, Jaben: Guys it was a blast… many prizes left the door… One lucky person won the UE3. The food was simple and good. Tomato soup, garlic bread and good stuff. The Tokaji is still there. I’m sure all of those who won the prizes will drop by and say something.

Kelvin H, email me – adelphi@jaben.net


~ by jaben on May 24, 2007.

10 Responses to “Ultimate Ears day is here again, 25th May ’07”

  1. Thank You Uncle!!!!

  2. And I thought it was a joke.

    Jaben: Its as real as can be… come tomorrow and check it out.

  3. only for ultimate ears owners?

    Jaben: Drop by and find out!

  4. any new ear tips for mylar3? =)

    Jaben: Wrong thread… email me… adelphi@jaben.net

  5. too bad !!! this week i am still not in singapore =(

  6. once again, i am shackled by work on a friday night – but i promise to make time next week 😉
    this way i get to miss the tomato soup too 😛

    There’s tomato soup and there’s tomato soup…

  7. One of the craziest (but most fantastic) nights I have ever seen in my 3 weeks since joining in all these parties. Thank you Uncle! You rock to the max man! 😉

    Jaben: Well, your presence helped… rock on… see you this coming Friday?

  8. even though i wasnt able to attend (or win anything ), kudos to Uncle Wilson for taking so much effort to organise these kinda parties with such great food and prizes. Thanks uncle!

    Jaben: Guys, we must thank Eugene… he made it possible… he went to the Supermart and bought the butter, soup, garlic spread and made extra trips to order the bread. Let’s not forget the kid (Yee Ting ?) who picked up the bread.

  9. Arrgh!! I only had a few sips of the soup as it was mostly gone by the time I reached there. None of the garlic butter either. Sorry I wasn’t there to help out that day, uncle! Kinda made me feel bad considering…
    I think I’m getting hooked on the UE sound sig…

    Jaben: you can make up for it by helping out this Friday…

  10. Yea!! Thanks Eugene! And you too Uncle Wilson ^^ even though I didn’t stay for the party.. It was really sweet of you to give me the headphone stand as an early birthday present

    Jaben: Mmmm… Eugene luvs you too…

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