Firestone Fubar lll… It is here…

Until the availability of the Fubar lll, one had to use two distinct components within the Firestone family to listen from a computer. The combinations are a Fubar 2 & a headphone amp. Well, Firestone has come up with a combined solution – the Fubar lll. We gave it to a couple of guys to home audition it and yes, they all liked it. We have a unit in the store for testing. So, bring your laptop down and have a go at it.


~ by jaben on May 19, 2007.

10 Responses to “Firestone Fubar lll… It is here…”

  1. i can’t wait to hear this. too bad i can’t. could people post their opinions?

  2. nice.. what’s the damage to the wallet?

    Jaben: email us…

  3. Out of topic:
    I just got down to try the advice given on Saturday. I am in awe. I shall bring three different players down very soon for some testing if you don’t mind.
    Hope it’s not a bad habit to stick too many things in several other things.

    Jaben: No problems… btw, your email addy is for real?

  4. uncle wilson…
    what’s the working hours of jaben?

  5. and which is your off-day?
    thanks a lot

    Generally, no off-days unless I am bone-tired.

    Opening hours, Monday to Saturday: 11+ –> 8:00pm, somedays when we have fun, e.g. Friday nights, then its later.

    Opening hours, Sunday: 2:30pm to …

  6. Yes my email addy is real. I wish to change it someday because of a lot of problems caused. Heh.

  7. sweet stuff dude…..any pixs $ specs?
    firestone site still lists Fubar 2.

    Jaben: No pics… but we do have the real thing.

  8. geez….is the headphone world the same as the PC World?? everything gets updated so fast!! i just got my Fubar II for less than 2 months!!

    Jaben: I call it “compression”. What used to take years is now compressed into a fraction of the time required. I suppose manufacturing is so much easier so ideas are easier to put into reality.

  9. “””sweet stuff dude…..any pixs $ specs?
    firestone site still lists Fubar 2.

    Jaben: No pics… but we do have the real thing.”””

    Yes yes.. yada yada.. we know.. they made fubar 3 because of u…

  10. is the fubar 3 better x-fi mod by creative?

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