Westone 3…

By now, most of you Singapore based earphoners would know that Jaben was at Head-Fi international meet. I managed to test the Westone 3, kind courtesy of Doug.

What can I say… this little beauty is something to behold. Triple drivers, triple cross-overs, and a price below all expectations. But, forget all that imagery you have, it’s ultimately the sound. I will not describe it as I’ve always said that I could never describe sound. Suffice to say, I would certainly have one for myself. Some of you might know that Jaben introduced Westones to this part of the world and we have never been dissappointed with the UM series.
So how do you know whether it is the one for you? Unfortunately, I am darn sure all the units arriving here will dissappear in a couple of hours the moment it hits our shores and you might just miss them.

Don’t want to be disappointed, tell you what… we will help you decide if this is the one for you. Come down and place your bookings, and if you decide that it isn’t the one for you, then you do not have to own it.

To help you tide over the interim period until the Westone 3 arrives, we will give you a Mylarone X3 or XB.

Many Thanks, The Jaben Team

email: adelphi@jaben.net

Tel: +65 6337-0809


~ by jaben on May 18, 2007.

11 Responses to “Westone 3…”

  1. Hi! would like to enquire how can i go about booking one of these “little beauty”

    Jaben: email us… adelphi@jaben.net

  2. Ooh, there IS a blog. And great choice of wordpress over blogger too.

    Jaben: You like?, Yay !!!, we’ve got to thank Uncle David. 🙂

  3. how much is it?

    Jaben: You’re looking at about S$630 +/-

  4. sounds better than a mylar3?

    Jaben: Different kettle of fish… costs many times more.

  5. hahaha..okok..thanks…
    =) i would to try amping..
    will go over to your shop pretty soon…
    hopefully there will be westone 3 for me to try as well..haha
    take care !

  6. To get this or the livewires? Decisions decisions… Arrgh, I need a second job!

    Jaben: No you don’t… all you need is to be poor. Mmmm… don’t you know, “Blessed are the poor…”

  7. Uncle, say what you always do. “Get BOTH!” Haha. Any demo units for the Westone 3?

    Jaben: 🙂

  8. Uncle: I’m already very very blessed. Trust me on this.
    p.s. any news on the beyer headband pad? Nevermind, I’ll call tomorrow.

  9. Hi Wilson

    This is great blog!

    see you at Jaben next week


  10. not sure to sell away my limited tfp 10 pro for this or not. seem it is highly anticipated.

  11. Hi Uncle Wilson, may i know when will this “beauty” arrive in singapore? any ETA yet? hmm, wondering which will be better UM3 or tfp 10..=)

    Hi Schiz,

    Go to http://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=1210.msg13171#new

    Thanks, Wilson

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