May 18th , the party…

Firstly, our thanks to everyone who help make the gathering a success. Norse, it was nice of you to get the bread and drinks and clean up the mess. Of course we must not forget… errr… what’s his name… the guy with the UM1 from MUGS – A big thank you too. Oops!, Singapura as well. That was so nice of you to help clean up. And of course the rest of you guys.

All in all, it was a blast. Those of you who got your prizes, I most certainly hope you will enjoy them.

Next week, let’s have a bigger bang… and yes, UE day is back again. There will be some nice UE collectibles.

Mmmm… what grub shall we have… any ideas?

What about prizes for the lucky draws? What is it going to be? Well, stay tuned.

Thanks Guys & Gals for being there, The Jaben Team


~ by jaben on May 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “May 18th , the party…”

  1. HI Uncle Wilson. Great having bought three X3 from you, and got a few freebies while doing so. The most surprising thing is got a chance to win a Seiko watch. Next in line will be an amp from you. Cheers

    Jaben: Well… you deserve it. Stay well.

  2. Somebody actually won a seiko? How come I didn’t see that? Must have had my face planted in the aglio olio at that time. Singapura really won big that day.

    Jaben: You left by then…

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