MylarOne XB coming

MylarOne XB will be arriving next week. Price is US$65. Comes will a Timbuk2 iPod Flip Case. Colors: Hobson’s Choice.


~ by jaben on May 14, 2007.

10 Responses to “MylarOne XB coming”

  1. Are they going to be available via your international website?
    Thanks For Your Time
    Jaben: Yes… 🙂

  2. And I’m wondering how they look compared to X3…? Anyone knows?
    Jaben: Will post pictures later

  3. Wait…what is the MylarOne XB? I’ve tried searching around on the ‘net but can’t find any information. Is it like the X3 but with more bass?

    Jaben: Yes

  4. They are up on the site for purchase now, but still no information about what the difference is…

    Jaben: The XB is a bassy unit… if you’re a basshead, you will like this.

  5. is the mylarone XB the mylar2?

    Jaben: Yes

  6. For “international shipping,” does that include US?

    Jaben: You got mail…

  7. Hi uncle wilson!

    Jabe: Hi ! 🙂

  8. hi uncle wilson,
    Thanks for the free gifts!
    really appreciate that =)

    Jaben: Most welcome… remember to come this Friday… we will have lucky draws every 30 mins.

  9. is the draw only onsite? or online too?
    Jaben: The draw for the bike is on-site only… We will hold one for online customers but it will not be the bike. It will be quite difficult at this point for us to handle shipping a bike… perhaps very soon.

  10. hi uncle wilson
    how do i take part in the online lucky draw?

    Jaben: It’s on-site… though you do not have to be here… I’ll post rules tonight.

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